GPS San Diego FAQ

We love communication!  Here are some of the questions we've been asked - if you have a different questions - please let us know!


Q: What leagues will you play in?
A: We have access to all Southern CA leagues - once we have a chance to get to know the identity of each team, then our Coaching Staff will determine the best fit for each team.  You can expect it will be SDDA, Presidio, SCDSL, CRL, etc - if you have a question about a specific team, please email us:

Q: Where do you practice? 
A: We will be assigned a field allocation by the City of Carlsbad twice a year along with every other youth sports organization in Carlsbad.  It could be any city of Carlsbad Park and we are *very* lucky that we have so many fields available in our city! 

Q: How many teams do you have per age group?
A: We do things a bit different - we don't see teams as "A", "B", "C", (or whatever naming convention is used).  Instead we see each as a Class (much like in school).  Your player is invited to our Class for their age group/ability.  As the training develops over the course of months, we'll continually re-evaluate and re-group players until the right chemistry/combination is born.  This allows players time to grow and teams to become cohesive units.  Instead of focusing a year of training on the few weeks from September to November (traditional season), we focus on the training and let the League team emerge from the training.  Using this system we are able to create an environment that specifically develops each player and then as a result the team - it's truly "player-centric".  **We know this way of thinking is different and we are open to having a conversation about it - it can be easier to "discuss" than to read**

Q: How often and how do you train?  What does your training look like?
Our older teams (2008 and above) train 3-4 times per week.  We train as a club in age appropriate groups 2 times per week - broken into stations and rotations. Then we train as teams 1-2 times per week, including specific fitness/gym for our teams with players 1 and older.   For our younger teams training is 2-3 times per week, we do club training (stations and rotations) as dedicated soccer fitness. 
We also incorporate classroom time into our schedule.  We see it as a vital part of our club structure - it could be watching game film, talking about mindset, nutrition, team bonding or watching highlights!

Q: We came to tryouts/Player ID's - now what? Is it too late to come to the last younger session?
A: Yay! We were very excited by the number of players that joined us for the Player ID (tryout) sessions already!  We are in the middle off contacting each family that attended by phone.  If you haven't heard from us yet - we might have the wrong # - please email us: 
We'll be sending out Class Invites by the 20th of January (if not sooner) - these invites will have all your registration information. 
We still have one Player ID (tryout) session remaining - please join us on 1/18 at Valley Middle School!

Q: I have a 2005 (or older) player - when will Player ID sessions/tryouts be?
A:  We'll be hosting open field kick-around's in March (after the high school season) and Player ID's will be after State/National Cup in Mid/Late April - please register your player to be sure to get our updates!

Any other questions - email us: